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Artificial Doughnuts

Fake Donuts hand made in America using a soft touch material that is light weight and durable, select from one of the six designs. Powdered Donuts, Glazed, Pink icing, Chocolate, Chocolate with sprinkles and Chocolate with nuts or order a six pack mix. Can be used for promotional educational and for the home display. 

Fake Foods Made in America
Made in America

  SKU Product Our Price
BCB101 Cream Cheese Fake Bagel Plain $11.99
$9.95 (Save 17%)
BCB301 Cream Cheese Fake Bagel Poppy Seed $12.99
$10.95 (Save 16%)
BCB401 Cream Cheese Fake Bagel Sesame Seed $12.99
$10.95 (Save 16%)
CDN06 Large Fake Doughnuts Assorted 6 Pack Soft Touch $42.95
CDN101 Large Pink Fake Jelly Doughnut Soft Touch $9.95
CDN102 Large Chocolate Fake Jelly Doughnut Soft Touch $9.95
CDN103 Large Fake Lemon Custard Doughnut Soft Touch $9.95
CDN104 Large Vanilla Fake Jelly Doughnut Soft Touch $9.95
CDN301 Large Chocolate Fake Doughnut Soft Touch $7.49
CDN302 Large Glazed Fake Doughnut Soft Touch $7.49
CDN303 Large Chocolate with Nuts Fake Doughnut Soft Touch $7.49
CDN304 Large Pink fake Doughnut Soft Touch $7.49
CDN306 Large Chocolate with Sprinkles Fake doughnut Soft Touch $7.49
CDN307 Large Vanilla Chocolate fake Doughnut Soft Touch $7.49
CDN310 PLAIN Fake Doughnut Soft Touch $5.95
CNL01 Cannoli Fake Sicilian Dessert 2 piece Plain USA $16.95
CNL02 Cannoli Fake Sicilian Dessert 2 piece Powdered Sugar USA $17.95
CNL03 Cannoli Fake Sicilian Dessert 2 piece Chocolate Drizzle USA $17.95
DCSP501 Fake Coffee Mug and Doughnut on Plate $24.95
STAND150 13 Piece Tempered Glass Stand with Fake Doughnuts $89.95

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