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Fake Cupcakes

Fake Cupcakes to display on your finest plates and displays. Artificial cupcake look so good, they are light weight, durable and will last. Made by hand just like a real cupcake but with Faux materials. Can be used for promotional educational and for the home display. 

Fake Foods Made in America

Made in America

  SKU Product Our Price
CUP010 Vanilla Rose Fake Chocolate Cupcake $7.95
CUP011 Chocolate Rose Fake Chocolate Cupcake $7.95
CUP030 Chocolate Butterfly Fake Cupcake USA $7.95
CUP101 Chocolate Sprinkle Fake Cupcake $4.95
CUP102 Vanilla Sprinkle Fake Cupcake $4.95
CUP103 Strawberry Sprinkle Fake Cupcake $4.95
CUP104 Yellow Sprinkle Fake Cupcake $4.95
CUP110 American Flag Cupcake Artificial Fake Cupcake U.S.A. $4.95
CUP112 Yellow Fake Cupcake $4.95
CUP113 Chocolate Fake Cupcake $4.95
CUP114 Pale Green Fake Cupcake U.S.A. $4.95
CUP115 Pale Lavender Fake Cupcake U.S.A. $4.95
CUP116 Pale Pink Fake Cupcake U.S.A. $4.95
CUP120 White Fake Cupcake Plain USA $4.95
CUP132 Green Pink Rose Fake Cupcake USA $5.95
CUP133 Chocolate swirl fake cupcake USA $4.95
CUP150 Halloween Fake Cupcake USA $5.95
CUP155 Halloween Chocolate Fake Cupcake $5.95
CUP501 Fake Cupcakes 4 Pack Sprinkle Assortment $18.95
CUPB01 Rose Fake Chocolate Cupcake 4 Pack Assortment $29.95
CUPCAKE03 Fake Cupcakes 3 Pack Sprinkle Cupcake USA $14.49
CUPCAKE04 Fake Cupcakes 4 Pack Plain Assortment $28.95
$18.95 (Save 35%)
CUPCAKE06 Fake Cupcakes 6 Pack Assortment Hand Made $28.49
CUPCAKEP006 Fake Cupcakes Plain 6 Pack Assortment $28.49
HWP100A Halloween Decorative Fake Cupcake & Fake Drink Cup Display Prop $19.99
$17.95 (Save 10%)
STAND120 13 Piece Tempered Glass Stand with Fake Designer Cupcakes $89.95
STAND130 13 Piece Tempered Glass Stand with Fake Plain Cupcakes $69.95

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