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Fake Meats and BBQ

Fake Meats and Poultry view from cooked fake foods to Raw foods. Hand made in America using our durable and light weight materials, Great for home staging, Movie props and home decor. Select from Fake baked Turkeys to Steak. Can be used for promotional educational and for the home display. Soft touch material flexible Durable and light weight.
  SKU Product Our Price
F500 Chicken Roasted fake food USA $33.95
F500R Raw Chicken Fake on Food Foam Tray $29.95
F600 Artificial Turkey Fake Food $79.95
F600R Raw Turkey Fake Poultry USA $74.95
F650 Roast Beef fake food USA $59.95
F700 BBQ Rack of Ribs fake food USA $29.95
F806 Grilled Steak fake food USA $19.95
F806R Raw Steak Fake Food Display $24.95
F807 Broiled Porterhouse Steak fake food USA $24.95
F807R Raw Porterhouse Fake Steak USA $29.95
F808 Hamburger Fake Patty Grilled 4 Pack USA $24.95
F808C Hamburger Fake Patty with Cheese USA $11.95
F808R Raw Hamburger Fake Food Patties 4 Pack $24.95
FBK3 Bacon Strip 3 Piece Fake Food U.S.A. $14.95
ML105 Raw Fake Hot Dogs 6 pack $23.95

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