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Fake Side Foods

Fake foods sides great for display many items to choose from, French Fries, Soup, Salads, Fish Sticks and baked beans, Hand made in America, using various materials to achieve great looks and Durability.
  SKU Product Our Price
F920 Cole slaw cup fake food USA $9.95
F935 Melted Butter Cup fake food USA $7.95
FBC01 Fake Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing Cup U.S.A. $7.99
FBT01 Baked Potato fake food USA $9.95
FBW6 Fake Buffalo Wings Red Sauce 6 Pack $24.95
FBW62 Fake Buffalo Wings Red Sauce 6 Piece with Wood Bowl $29.95
FCC01 Corn on the Cob fake food USA $6.95
FCF10 Crinkle Cut Fries 10 piece fake food USA $19.95
FDE06 Deviled Eggs 6 pack Fake Food $29.95
FFF06 French Fries 10 piece fake food USA $19.95
FSD10 Salad Plate Fake Food $24.95
VCN07 Whole Artificial Corn on the Cob 7" $11.95

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