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Fruit N Veg

Fake Fruit and Fake Vegetables, that can't go bad or invite insects.

Fruit  (21 Products) Vegetables  (11 Products) 

  SKU Product Our Price
FCC01 Corn on the Cob fake food USA $6.95
FSD10 Salad Plate Fake Food $24.95
VCN07 Whole Artificial Corn on the Cob 7" $11.95
VFB106 Fake Assorted Fruits 6 Piece with Metal Bucket $24.95
VGC01 Green Chili fake vegetable $2.75
VGM01 Grapes Black 8 inch Fake Fruit $7.49
VGP01 Green Bell Pepper fake vegetable $4.25
VLE01 Lemon Fake Fruit $4.95
VLES01 Lemon Slice 5 piece fake fruit $14.95
VLES03 Lemon Slice 3 piece fake fruit $14.95
VLM01 Lime Whole Fake Fruit $4.95
VLMS01 Lime Slice 5 piece fake fruit $14.95
VPY01 Papaya Half fake fruit $4.35
VRA101 Red Apple fake fruit $5.79
VRC01 Red Chili fake vegetable $2.79
VRP01 Red Bell Pepper fake vegetable $4.35
VWM01 Watermelon fake fruit $5.95

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