Pale Green Fake Cupcake U.S.A.

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Pale Green Fake Cupcake U.S.A.
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Pale Green Fake Cupcake. Great gift,  Hand made just like a real cupcake but using Artificial Products to achieve the most realistic fake cupcake. Our Artifical Cupcakes are durable and light weight.

Fake Food Display Prop for Home Staging, Theatre Props and Movies.
Size: 3"H x 3"D
Made in America


UPC 798182222876
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Terry Lee Dempsey Terry Lee Dempsey

SO AMAZING!!!! This cupcake is so real will think you bought it from the bakery at the grocery store!!!!! It is that real looking!!!! The color - green is so perfect and beautiful. I buy 6 to display of each of Decorcentrals cupcakes. If you want the ABSOLUTE BEST FAKE must treat yourself to Decorcentral's..... "COOKIE AND CREAM 9 INCH FAKE CAKE " . THIS CAKE IS THE ABSOLUTE "BEST" FAKE CAKE ON THE INTERNET!!!!!! It is absolutely STUNNING TO LOOK AT AND ENJOY!!!!
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