Cola Soda with Ice Fake Plastic Drink USA

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Cola Soda with Ice Fake Plastic Drink USA
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Weight 1.00 lbs

Fake Cola Soda with Ice and Straw Plastic Artificial Drink
Size: 3"D x 6"H
Made in America


UPC 798182120103
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Paul DiSalvio Paul DiSalvio

I have been thinking about the final product, and I have to say that it looks nothing like the picture. It's actually better than the picture in my opinion. It looks like someone was drinking some of it before they paused to talk with their friends in the restaurant which was a nice touch; and in fact, you can see some "soda" residue that was "previously" left behind. The straw is in a far more natural appearance, and honestly, for once, I have to say that THIS fake food item is a hit. No questions asked. Also, great job on the glass itself. It looks sturdy and durable (to an extent), and I would definitely recommend this product to individuals that have a classic car and/or they want to have a 1950s fake food tray with a hot dog/burger and beverage.
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