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Fake Desserts

Fake Desserts and Pastries fake cakes are great for home staging decorating and for props. Durable and Light weight. Made by hand just like real desserts but with artificial materials. Made in America

Fake Cakes with Candle 6 Products
Fake Cakes 42 Products
Cake Slice 20 Products
Fake Cupcakes 33 Products
Artificial Doughnuts 19 Products
Fake Cookies 16 Products
Fruit Tart 8 Products
Fake Ice Cream 34 Products
Soda Fountain 15 Products
Artificial Pie 24 Products
Fake Macaroon 8 Products
Petit Fours 8 Products
Dessert Pastries 27 Products
Fake Chocolates 7 Products
Wedding Cake 9 Products
Non Edible Display Icing 1 Products
  SKU Product Our Price
IC401 Cherry 2 Scoop Fake Ice Cream Cone $18.95
CKS903 Cherry Fake Cake with Slice 9 Inch $39.95
CKG903C Cherry Top Chocolate Fake Cake 9 inch $34.95
ICTS101 Cherry Top Scoop Swirl fake ice cream USA $7.95
CKG901C Cherry Top Vanilla Fake Cake 9 inch $34.95
CK920 Chocolate Drizzle fake cake 9 inch USA $29.95
FB03 Chocolate Fake Brownies 3 Pack with Plate $19.95
CUP113 Chocolate Fake Cupcake $3.75
CK922 Chocolate Mocha Short Fake Cake 9 inch USA $24.95
CPS901 Chocolate Mousse Artificial Pie with Slice Fake Pie $29.95
CUP011 Chocolate Rose Fake Chocolate Cupcake $6.25
ICS112 Chocolate Single Scoop Fake Ice Cream NO CONE $3.95
CK908 Chocolate Slim Fondant fake cake 9 inch USA $34.95
ST103 Chocolate Swirl Dipped Strawberry fake chocolate USA $5.49
CUP133 Chocolate swirl fake cupcake USA $3.75
CKT901 Chocolate Tall Cake 9 inch USA $44.95
CK926 Chocolate two Layer fake cake 9 inch USA $39.95
CUP501 Fake Cupcakes 4 Pack Sprinkle Assortment $14.95
DCN20 Fake Hot Chocolate Plastic Mug and Gingerbread Cookies on Plate $22.95 (Save 8%)
CUP132 Green Pink Rose Fake Cupcake USA $3.75
CKH901 Heart Fake Cake 7 inch USA $24.95
CPS06 Key Lime Pie Fake Pie Slice USA $9.95
CDN104 Large Vanilla Fake Jelly Doughnut Soft Touch $8.99
CK921 Lemon Designer Rose Fake Cake 9 inch U.S.A. $24.95
CK902 Mocha Fake Cake 9 inch $24.95
CUP114 Pale Green Fake Cupcake U.S.A. $3.75
CUP116 Pale Pink Fake Cupcake U.S.A. $3.75
PP901 Potpourri Pie 9" Country Apple Fragrance Fake Food USA $29.95
CPS905 Pumpkin Pie Cream Artificial Pie with Slice Fake Pie $29.95
CUPB01 Rose Fake Chocolate Cupcake 4 Pack Assortment $24.95
IMS101 Strawberry Fake Food Milkshake Artificial Ice Cream $24.95
CUP103 Strawberry Sprinkle Fake Cupcake $3.75
CKG903S Strawberry Top Chocolate Fake Cake 9 inch $34.95
CK63 Vanilla 6" Raspberry Drizzle Fake Cake $18.95
CKS03 Vanilla cake slice large USA $19.95
CKF94 Vanilla Flower fake cake 9 inch USA $24.95
CUP010 Vanilla Rose Fake Chocolate Cupcake $6.25
ICW03 Vanilla Soft Serve fake ice cream NO CONE $3.95
CUP102 Vanilla Sprinkle Fake Cupcake $3.75
ST104 White Chocolate Swirl Dipped Strawberry fake chocolate USA $5.49
CUP120 White Fake Cupcake Plain USA $3.75
CUP112 Yellow Fake Cupcake $3.75