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Fake Food

Artificial foods Fake Cheese, Breads and Meats. Great Fake Food displays for all your prop needs. Made in America.

Fake Meats and BBQ 16 Products
Fake Fast Foods 28 Products
Restaurant Sets 8 Products
Fake Side Foods 13 Products
Fake Breads 48 Products
Breakfast 10 Products
Fake Cheese 15 Products
Delicatessen 7 Products
  SKU Product Our Price
FBT01 Baked Potato fake food USA $9.95
FBW121 Fake Buffalo Wings Red Sauce 12 Piece Wood Bowl $49.95
FBW6 Fake Buffalo Wings Red Sauce 6 Pack $24.95
FBW61 Fake Buffalo Wings Red Sauce In Basket 6 Piece $34.95
FBW62 Fake Buffalo Wings Red Sauce 6 Piece with Wood Bowl $29.95
FBWP12 Fake Buffalo Wings Red Sauce Plate 12 Piece $49.95
FCBB10 Cheeseburger and Onion Rings Basket Fake Foods $29.95
FCC01 Corn on the Cob fake food USA $6.95
FCCB01 Cheeseburger and French Fries Basket Fake Food $29.95
FCEL04 Fake Celery 4 Piece $10.95
FCF10 Crinkle Cut Fries 10 piece fake food USA $19.95
FCHB01 Cheeseburger fake food USA $24.95
FCHB02 Double Fake Cheeseburger $39.95
FCS01 Chicken - Fish Fake Food Sandwich $19.95
FCS02 Chicken - Fish Cheese Sandwich Fake Food $24.95
FDP01 Steak Dinner Plate fake food USA $39.95
FDS10 Chedder Cheese Slice 3 piece fake cheese USA $14.95
FDS33 Onion Slice 3 piece fake food USA $14.95
FDS35 Onion Rings Raw 6 piece fake food USA $14.95
FFE2 Fried Egg fake food USA $9.95
FFES01 Fried Egg and Sausage Plate Fake Food USA $29.95
FFF06 French Fries 10 piece fake food USA $19.95
FHB01 Fake Hamburger $14.95
FHB101 Fake Hamburger Plain $12.95
FHB201 Fake Cheeseburger Plain $14.95
FHBP01 Cheeseburger and French Fries Fake Food Plate $29.95
FHD02 Hot Dog with Mustard fake food USA $17.95
FHDB02 Fake Hot Dog and French Fries Basket $29.95
FORB5 Onion Rings Fried 5 piece fake food USA $18.95
FP110 Pizza Pepperoni 10 inch fake food USA $29.95
FPC01 Fake Potato Chips Clump $4.95
FPC03 Pancakes 3 stack fake food Plate USA $24.95
FPC1 Pancakes 3 Piece Individual Fake Food USA $19.95
FPCB01 Fake Potato Chips Clumps in Bowl USA $14.95
FPR Pretzel Fake Food Large 6 inch Plain $9.95
FPR02 Pretzel Fake Food Large 6 inch Poppy Seed $9.95
FSA3 Sausage 3 Piece Fake Food U.S.A. $9.95
FSD10 Salad Plate Fake Food $24.95
FSW05 Ham and Cheese Sandwich fake food USA $19.95
FSW20 BLT Sandwich Fake Food Bacon Lettuce Tomato $19.95
FW01 Waffle Plain fake food USA $9.99
FW03 Strawberry Waffle Plate fake food USA $24.95